Echipă dinamică

înfiinţată în 2011

Specialisti cu experienţă

peste 20 ani în domeniu
  • Str. Tabacari 10/1, Fagaras, Romania

Echipă dinamică

înfiinţată în 2011

Specialisti cu experienţă

peste 20 ani în domeniu
Project Financed by UEFISCDI – Programme 3 – European and International Cooperation – Sub- programme 3.5 Other initiatives and European and international programmes, EUREKA traditional projects (network), EUREKA cluster, EUROSTARS

Financing contract no. 60/2017

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UEFISCDI – Romanian Contracting Authority, link:

eureka-logoΣ! 9547 FLAVO-PYRA-TECH

Advanced Natural Food Flavours based on Sustainable Technology of Pyrazines

Period: 03.07.2017-30.06.2020

Budget: 800.000 euro (Romania 500.000 euro + Portugal 300.000 euro)

Romania Budget:

2.245.000 lei

Natural Ingredients R&D SRL

788.000 lei

Expergo Business Network SRL

444.000 lei

Aromatics SRL

593.000 lei

Centrul de Chimie Organica Bucuresti

420.000 lei


Stage 1: 03.07.2017 – 29.12.2017 Comprehensive market research regarding food flavors and set up the preferences of the costumers

Stage 2: 01.01.2018 – 31.12.2018 Development, optimization and implementation (application) of a new technology (SLM – Supported Liquid Membrane extraction), in the context of the food matrix and the consumer preferences for food products

Stage 3: 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2019 Scale up the lab technology to industrial small-pilot

Stage 4: 01.01.2020 – 30.06.2020 Developing the industrial pilot for production of pyrazines mixtures with controlled composition and flavors properties. Testing the pyrazines mixtures for food products



Stage 5: 01.07.2020 – 30.06.2021

Stage 6: 01.07.2021 – 30.06.2022

Stage 7: 01.07.2022 – 30.06.2023

Project director: ing. PETRU BARZAN,

Responsible for the project Expergo Business Network: ing. CATALIN BILBIE,

Responsible for the project Aromatics: ec. IOAN CORIOLAN BURZO,

Responsible for the project CCO-CDN: Dr. FLORINA TEODORESCU,

Responsible for the project IP Braganca: Prof. ISABEL FERREIRA,

Responsible for the project Queijaria Vaz: ing. VAZ ARMENIO,


Project Summary:

Pyrazines are substances containing N-heterocyclic bonds and they have applications in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Pyrazines are the main ingredients in food flavors (fruit, vegetable and wine flavors) and are used in pharmaceuticals as active substances, growth inhibitors of E. coli, therapeutic drugs for cardiovascular relaxation and uterine muscles, anti-aggregation and analgesic drugs, etc.

FLAVO-PYRA-TECH project aims to obtain new natural flavors for food industry. The most used flavors are those with a sensory profile of chocolate, caramel, coffee, but most are flavors of synthesis. Specialized companies seek to replace synthetic flavors with natural flavors. Such a natural source is the mixture of pyrazines. The project aims at extracting and enriching pyrazine mixtures from a raw material called “fusel oil”, which is a product obtained from agricultural residues (from beets and cane, fruits, cereals, etc.).

The technology to be developed in the project is based on efficient extraction and enrichment of blends using the liquid membrane extraction technique (SLM). The SLM system is a “sandwich” with two different channels (donor and acceptor) and a liquid membrane placed between the two channels. The pyrazine components will be extracted and enriched into the acceptor channel directly from the sample (donor channel), based on the solubility difference of the analyte, between the aqueous and organic phases. Two ways are used to integrate new natural flavorings into food: a direct insert (liquid phase) and an encapsulation (solid phase). It will thoroughly analyze and source the biomass from which the fusel oil will be extracted, especially microbiological conditions.

The partnership includes organizations from Romania and Portugal with solid expertise in natural flavors, sensorial analysis, organic extraction, encapsulation and insertion into foods.

Project development:

6th International Conference and Exhibition on Materials Science and Chemistry, period 17-18 may 2018, Rome, Italy.
Poster Roma, Italia

XXXV National Chemistry Conference, period 02-05 october 2018,Călimăneşti-Căciulata, Romania.
Poster Călimăneşti-Căciulata

9th International Conference of the Chemical Societies of the South-Eastern European Countries, period 8-11 may 2019, Târgoviste, Dâmbovița
Poster Târgoviste

„Catalytic activity of mixed oxides derived from LDH in the synthesis of methylpyrazine: a comparative study”, 13th Students’ Congress of SCTM, Skopje, Macedonia, 19-21 september 2019
Presentation – Skopje

„Alkylpyrazines synthesis over Zn/Al mixed oxide obtained by mechanochemical method”, International Conference “Achievements and Perspectives of Modern Chemistry”, Chișinău, Republica Moldova, 9-11 october 2019
Poster Chisinau

A new approach for Natural Active Principles Concentration – Supported Liquid Membrane extraction technique
Poster Supported Liquid Membrane extraction technique


Natural Ingredients R&D SRL Fagaras

Expergo Business Network SRL Bucuresti

Aromatics SRL Fagaras

Centrul de Chimie Organica “Costin D. Nenitescu” Bucuresti

Instituto Politécnico de Bragança

Queijaria Vaz Navalho